Ballet Class Booking Software

Online booking and scheduling software for ballet classes and dance academies

Ballet Class Booking SoftwareAs a small business owner of a ballet studio for children to young adults, you have a lot on your plate already so worrying about managing the class schedules, booking the classes, and assigning ballet instructors for each class can be another full-time job. Your studio is successful (because who doesn’t love a cute little girl in a tutu), but if only you could spare a little extra time to get those important business tasks done. You could always hire an assistant, or you can hire an online assistant who works for you 24 hours a day and will keep you more than organized both personally and professionally.

Try GigaBook’s Ballet Class Booking Software

Your new online assistant is called GigaBook, which is a cloud-based online-booking platform. GigaBook creates a booking widget that can fit right onto your existing website (or if you don’t have a website yet, you can make one with GigaBook at no extra cost). This booking widget shows your available classes for adults to sign up their daughters and sons, and once your class is full it is closed. No more overbooking your classes!

What else can GigaBook do for you? We are glad you asked!

  • Send email or text reminders, so those busy moms and dads don’t forget to show up
  • Collect partial or full payment at time of booking, so you can easily keep up with the finances
  • Use the invoicing system to email invoices or collect outstanding balances
  • As the owner, keep track of all of your instructors’ calendars (and give your instructors their own log in information as an employee)
  • Use the built-in To-Do list to help keep you and your employees’ tasks up to date, and assign them a due date for urgent tasks
  • Create online promotions to bring in new and repeat clients with discount codes
  • Fully customize your GigaBook booking widget, calendar, emails, and more to fit your business’s appearance and personality

GigaBook is here to help your studio successfully grow and yet make your life easier. Don’t worry about all those phone calls, bookings, and collecting payments, and let GigaBook do it for you. GigaBook is your hardest working yet most affordable employee. If only it could give ballet lessons…