Ballroom Dancing Class Booking Software

Online booking application for Ballroom Dance instruction businesses

Ballroom Dancing Class Booking SoftwareBallroom dancing is a form of art that people of all ages can enjoy whether it’s for social aspects, a form of exercise, preparation for a special occasion, or competitive reasons. As an instructor of Ballroom dancing, you can appreciate the art and hard work it takes to become a good dancer, but who wants to worry about the hassle of booking the clients or having to hire an expensive employee to do all the administrative work for you.

Don’t sweat the admin anymore, and get back to sweating on the dance floor! GigaBook is here to help you book your clients online and keep your business organized. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform that can solve all of your needs from online booking on your existing website, to storing client information, or collecting payment from your clients at the time of booking.

Try GigaBook’s Ballroom Dancing Class Booking Software!

GigaBook will also help your business by:

  • Keeping track of invoices
  • Booking group or private dance lessons – capacities set by you
  • Customizable booking applications to match your website
  • Email and text reminders for you and your clients
  • Amazing customer service to help answer any questions including set up
  • Auto-Sync with your current calendar

GigaBook will be a highly beneficial tool in your business and life with:

  • Decreasing your number of no shows thanks to Class Reminders
  • Collecting payment 100% of the time
  • Allowing booking 24 hours a day online
  • Never over-booking a class and having to refuse business
  • Positive retention rate through ease of communication with clients

There are endless ways GigaBook can be a great online assistant for your Dance studio and business. There are optional customizations available for your calendar class offerings, booking forms, and email reminders; and helpful tools with a to-do list, client lists, and invoicing. Don’t miss out on your free trial today to see your time free up for less work and more dance!