Barber Shop Appointment Scheduling Software

Online Appointment Scheduler for Barber Shop and Hair Professionals

Barber Shop Appointment SoftwareBeing in the customer service industry you know how important it is to provide convenient options to your clients. And as a Barber, you only make money when you are with a client. So, how do you balance your time between answering the phone, returning texts, attending to clients and growing your business? At GigaBook, we know how hard it is to do it all, so we have developed the perfect Scheduling Software for Barbers. Being able to focus on the customer that is in the chair right now is the best way to gain repeat business, but offering convenient online scheduling is also a great way to support repeat customers and gain new ones.’s software allows you to put your website to work for you by adding a simple booking link. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry, we offer a free booking site to all of our businesses. And, if you are ready to take it to the next level, we can help you build a full website too.

Barber Shop Appointment Software

GigaBook is a great solution for busy barbers and stylists because it allows you to access the software from any browser at any time and the site is responsive, meaning it knows if you are on a phone, tablet or laptop and will react differently to optimize your experience. GigaBook’s software also allows you to set up services and price points to be displayed online, keeping your current customers informed and attracting new customers. The software will allow you to accept appointments from your website when and how you want to, enabling you to keep your focus on the here and now.

GigaBook also knows how important each individual appointment is to your livelihood, so we have built in email and text message notifications when an appointment is booked and just as important, reminder emails and text messages as the appointment approaches. By implementing these, GigaBook helps you reduce cancellations and no-shows and increase revenue.

And if there are multiple barbers and/or stylists in your location, use the integrated calendar to see everyone’s availability for a better team working experience. Let GigaBook be your assistant, whether you are a single Barber living the dream or in a group setting. It can help everyone increase business, apply better communication through notifications and alerts, increase organization through easy browser-based access, and open the door to acquiring new clients through the ability to book an appointment online.