Bartender Booking Software

Online booking system for scheduling bartenders

Bartender Booking SoftwareBartender services are a great addition to take any party or event and make it a high-end celebration. Hiring a bartender may seem a little overwhelming for the inexperienced party planner, so that is where your company steps in to make it easier. You have your plan and services already set up, and in this modern day you probably have a nice website explaining your services. So why not make it even easier and allow your clients to book your services right there off your website?

Now they can book online with GigaBook. GigaBook is a cloud-based service and resource booking platform that fits right onto your existing website. You will make the booking process quicker for your clients as your job becomes easier and more efficient for you.

Try GigaBook’s Bartender Booking Software

In addition to booking your bartending services, GigaBook can also help with:

  • Custom booking forms so you gather any necessary information at time of booking
  • Online payments for deposits or paying off invoices
  • Custom invoices can be created and emailed to clients
  • Text and email reminders so you clients are reminded of your arrival time or any appointments needed prior to the event
  • Service descriptions – you can put as much or as little information about all your services you offer including time allotment, price, number of guests/bartenders, or special talents
  • To-do list with email reminders to make sure you get all daily tasks completed

Shake things up and check out GigaBook today for a free trial and see all the tools that can help your business become more professional and successful!