Batting Cage Online Scheduling Software

Take batting cage appointments through your website, online scheduler for baseball academy businesses

Batting Cage Online Scheduling SoftwareRunning a growing baseball academy is a lot of work.  With that, the constant logjam that can form around your batting cages isn’t doing anything to help your growing business.  Your students or teams that regularly visit your facility just want to know that they can get an available cage at the time that works for them.  On top of that, you are probably spending a lot of time dealing with walkup bookings, calls and other forms of inquiry about when your batting cages are available, right?  Great News!  GigaBook has an ideal and affordable solution for your batting cage scheduling needs!

GigaBook online scheduling software can be used for A LOT of different things at your baseball academy, however, accepting online bookings for your batting cages is the best option for both you and your students.  They will be able to schedule time slots ahead of time, AND PAY! That beautiful combination will do nothing other than improving your overall ability to monetize the cages at your academy.  Heres the best part, you will actually save a lot of time and money too!  By requiring your students to schedule time in your batting cages online, you will remove the need to spend so much time do exactly that!

Try GigaBook’s Batting Cage Online Scheduling Software

There are quite a few other things that GigaBook can help you with as well, including

  • Scheduling of private lessons
  • Group bookings for camps or group lessons
  • Scheduling practice fields or use of other facilities

Now that you have found the answer to your batting cage scheduling needs there are some additional benefits that you will get when you use GigaBook’s online booking platform!  Some of those are:

  • Automated reminders
  • Notification of new appointments or changes
  • Automated invoicing
  • Ability to sync invoices with QuickBooks Online
  • Shared calendars
  • Third party calendar sync with Google, iCal or Microsoft exchange