Best Free Online Scheduling Tools for Businesses

Here are the best free online scheduling tools. But is FREE good enough? Let's find out.

a time-table or calendar

When you recall the challenges you encountered as a business owner, we can bet that you already have a list. Speaking of lists, businesses that rely heavily on bookings and schedules are very prone to encounter challenges with management.

Let’s admit that starting a business is not easy. There goes the amount of effort for management and operations and there goes the amount of money you spend to realize your business vision. 

Because money is a major constraint, any expenditure needs analysis on how it impacts the budget for the rest.

Another thing is your competition. Are you apt building your advantage against them? Are your products or services better than theirs? Or are your processes built for the convenience of your customers? You can be left behind and you don’t even know it.

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Luckily, major technological marvels have popped out as we are moving forward—management and scheduling tools that not only enable you to check your business metrics but help you improve your processes. While you are reading this, your competitor might already have set up an online scheduling system. 

But don’t you worry, here are quick details on the best free online schedulers available for you to use now:

PicktimePicktime is a free online appointment scheduler that is most fitting for businesses with no website. They use calendar type of scheduling where customers can easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments. Aside from these features, Picktime also enables you to manage your staff’s schedules. Their onboarding process is just sign up, create a booking page, and share your page link.

Square—Another free online scheduling tool is Square. They allow customers to book online once you are done setting up your account. Like other online schedulers, they also automatically display your services along with their available time and date. 

Square allows you to integrate your Instagram and Google accounts so your customers can book without leaving those mentioned apps. They offer a secure payment feature where your customers could tender their payments for your services.

ShedulShedul is loaded with advanced features geared towards wellness-based businesses. Their major market revolves around salon and spa management. These include hair salons, nail salons, massage spas, health clinics, and personal trainers among others. 

It is also a free online scheduling software that accepts payments through point-of-sale (POS) integration. Sales transactions, invoicing, receipts, and retail product management are covered by Shedul.

But is FREE enough? Here’s the truth about free online schedulers

Free software, in general, may benefit businesses. For one, they can cut certain costs. Additionally, they can provide interim support for your business processes. However, in the long run, it can only do so much.

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Eventually, you will continue to improve your business processes and having free software may be very limiting. They may also encounter compatibility issues since most free online schedulers are only limited to provide certain services, such as integrations and third-party options.

You may also deal with hidden costs that could potentially hunt you in the future. Speaking of costs, you are more likely to incur opportunity costs from running with free software instead of using paid ones that you can customize. And, worse, you’ll be way behind the competition.


Out of all the existing online scheduling tools, GigaBook has earned its right to be named the best appointment scheduling app for newcomers by Zapier. It has all the features included in the free online schedulers mentioned above PLUS MORE!

GigaBook has calendar-synching, staff management, schedule tracking, payment features, online bookings, custom and SMS notifications, and link sharing. Additionally, GigaBook has project management features that are already built on the platform.

You can easily track your business activities through the business dashboard designed for you. YES. You read that right. GigaBook allows you to customize your own interface and features based on your business need!

Customizability is one of the best features that an online scheduler can offer so it does not limit your processes and your business growth. In that light, GigaBook offers dynamic pricing so you could get what you need at a very affordable rate!

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