Booking Application Software for Small Businesses

Online scheduling and appointment applications for small or medium sized businesses

Booking ApplicationAre you looking for affordable solutions to take online bookings for your small business?  If you aren’t you are probably falling behind your competition. Within the next few years all leading service and resource based business will be relying on online booking.  Clients will expect it, your competition will have it and if you aren’t using it then you will be losing market share.

What are the advantages of online booking and appointment setting?

  • Take bookings and set appointments 24 hours a day
  • Streamline the entire booking and reservation process
  • Less overhead as cloud based software solutions are more affordable
  • Meet the needs and expectations of your clients
  • Making booking easy means more appointments and business

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How do I get started if I have no experience with this stuff?

You can start by signing up for a service like GigaBook.  During the brief signup process you will be asked the important questions about your business that will allow you get started quickly.  If you aren’t comfortable setting up your account you can even schedule a support session and have an account representative at GigaBook help you.  No experience, No Problem.

This stuff is a lot easier than you might think, if you can click a mouse and use a keyboard then you have the appropriate technical background to operate an online booking platform.

How do I get my website to take online bookings and appointments?

Easily!  You have a lot of options when you use GigaBook.  You can easily paste your booking application to your existing website using the booking application wizard in your account, OR you can use your free booking page!

What happens when I get an online booking?

Depending on how you set up your account, you can receive an email notification or text message, or both!

Can I send reminders to my clients and staff?

Absolutely!  You can set up everything up so these reminders occur automatically each time you get an online booking.  Just keep doing what makes you money and spend less time with correspondence, confirmation and other communicative tasks associated with your business.

What I need to collect specific information during the booking process?

Not a problem, GigaBook allows you to set up custom forms and questions that you can utilize during the booking process.  The information is all saved within your client files inside your GigaBook account.