Building an Affordable Online Appointment Website

How to build an affordable online appointment website.

GigaBook Online ToolsWhen you are starting your own business every penny matters more than ever. Many service related businesses will be faced with the challenge of providing modern and user friendly website booking for clients but might not have the ability to afford high end solutions.

One affordable and easy way to create an online presence in the early days of your business is to create your own custom booking site on GigaBook. You can even try it for free for 14 days. GigaBook subscribers are given the option of creating their own custom booking site and hosting in the GigaBook Cloud!

All of our custom booking sites will give you the option of fully customizing the appearance so that it best suits your business. You can also create a variety of content that will not only allow users to fill out a contact form but also read the policies associated with your business, such as you cancelation policy or other terms related to the services you provide.

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The best part about your own custom booking website is the ability for you to take appointments right away, that’s right, immediately after you sign up for your free trial you an begin taking appointments for your services online!

Maybe you already have an existing website!  Well we can help you with that too.  The GigaBook Appointment widget can easily be added to any existing website.  Yes it is included in the price of your subscription too!  All you have to do is use our widget creator and then paste the coding on your site!  You will be taking appointments online in no time.

By using GigaBook Online Appointment Tools you will:

  • Be able to take appointments while you are with other clients
  • Send reminders and notifications to yourself and clients about appointments
  • Keep To Do Lists and achieve higher levels of productivity
  • Present your business in a professional manner
  • Provide clients with an easy way to schedule appointments


Here is a screenshot of one of our custom booking sites:

 Online Appointment Scheduling Website