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Business and Life coach booking software, take appointments and schedule classes and meetings online

Business CoachingAre you in the business of business coaching?  If you are then you know that it isn’t easy to put a client on hold in the middle of a session in order to take a call to schedule another clients session.  GigaBook Online Appointment Software can help!  Our online booking application can help you effectively and affordably transform your existing website into a real-time availability lead generator.  If you aren’t in the one on one business then you might like our group session booking application!  You can easily set group meetings, sessions and seminars then along with it create minimum and maximum attendance numbers!

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GigaBook can help you with a lot of other things as well, when you subscribe to the site you benefit from the use of plenty of other business tools as well, such as:

  • Online scheduling for you and your staff
  • To Do Lists that integrate into your calendar pages
  • Client Contact Tracking options
  • Promotional and branded emails
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Recurring appointment and event creation


Use of online scheduling and business management tools might also help your clients with the following:

  • Increased team communication and happiness
  • Efficiency and timeliness at completing scheduled tasks
  • Higher levels of client retention
  • Increased sales
  • Increased feeling of team unity through the use of group resources

Online reservation, scheduling and appointment setting is the way of the future!  Make sure to represent your coaching business in the most modern way by utilizing our online business management platform today!