Carpenter Appointment Booking Software

Online booking software ideal for carpenters and home repair businesses

Carpenter Appointment Booking SoftwareIf you talk to anyone, they will tell you, “Oh I can build that.” But the real question is, can you build it well? Can you build it to last years, or to look professionally done? That answer is most likely no at that point. But if they ask a professional carpenter like yourself, you can say yes! With wood work making a resurgence in the the home place, everyone is wanting something custom. Something they can show off to all their friends and say that they have a one of a kind bed frame or dresser, or custom made cabinets. Anything that makes their image look better. Is that a bad thing? No, it is actually a great thing for you! You get all the orders that they need and want.

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The big problem with that though, you get too busy! Now you’re trying to take new orders, work on current orders, and get the finished orders to the clients! If it sounds like a crazy process its because it is. That is why GigaBook came out to cut the craziness down for you. How instead of having to be on the phone and talking to new clients half of your day, you can let all of that happen online. You can take bookings online though a custom platform right from your very own website! (Or even a free one we give you!)

Through the custom forms you can ask in-depth questions to find out what your client truly wants and the perimeters of what you can offer. Then right when they are finish and book your services, you can get a notification right on your phone as a text or email saying that you have more work! And more work means more money! The goal of GigaBook is to be a customizable platform. We want you to be able to customize your GigaBook account just like you can customize a fine piece of furniture.