Child Care Appointment Software

Online booking software ideal for child care providers for in-home or daycare facilities

Child Care Appointment SoftwareThe number one concern of any parent…their kids. They will lose their car and house, and give up anything they can to protect and make sure their little ones are safe. So when it comes to having someone else protect them and watch them. They usually scrutinize these people the hardest. That has yet to stop you though. You love playing and taking care of kids. Yes there are hard parts to it, but you love seeing the smile on their face; and that is what really sets you apart from someone who is just trying to get some money, so someone who wants to take care of children.

It can be hard though, because you cannot live off of kindness and help. You have to stay busy, because if you are not with kids, than you are not making any money, and then you get hungry in a hurry. But GigaBook can help you, with our online booking platform we can turn your current website into a 24 hour 7 days a week booking website. Even if you are thinking, “I can’t use this because I don’t have a website.” You can, we can give you a free booking site so you can still let everyone book with you at anytime online. No longer will you miss an opportunity because you are asleep or eating or even doing your current work. Anyone at anytime can request your services!

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GigaBook has made it easy for you too. GigaBook allows you to automate so much that you use to waste hours on. Reminding clients, reminding yourself, keeping an organized and clean calendar, and keeping a list of random things you need to do. All of these are some of the core functions of GigaBook. You can have automated texts or emails sent you you and your clients so you do not miss any appointments to pick up kids or have them dropped off at a certain time. Everything is taken care of for you so you can focus on what is important, the kids.