Children’s Computer Class Scheduling Software

Online appointment booking for children's computer classes

Children's Computer Class Scheduling SoftwareWith the future of the working being held in technology, everyone wants their child to be prepared for what’s next. Computers and technology have taken the forefront of all the industries for the jobs of the future. We have seen this industry grow and companies pay all kinds of money for people who are versed in this field. People like you have been training and educating yourself for years and now you have hit the point of mastering it. What better way to compliment your pay or even dive all into a new business than to use the skills that you have learned. Kids and parents everywhere are wanting to have themselves or their kids learn about computers, and who better than the expert!

With GigaBook you can keep your life organized and efficient so you never get too much on your plate than you can handle. With real-time online booking it will make sure you are never overbooked and people can book with you 24/7. Even better than that, you can add your booking widget right to your website so no one will have to go search for it or be redirected to a new page!

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GigaBook also allows the option for you to have classes and different group sessions. With these you can set a maximum number of students to a session and allow anyone to sign up. One the class is full it won’t allow anyone else in and you will have a class full of students ready to learn!

We understand you and your students get busy though; that is why GigaBook is created with Notifications and Reminders. You can automate these messages (text or email) to go out to you or your students so no one forgets about an upcoming appointment or class!

Save yourself some time and a headache or two! Sign up for GigaBook today!