Chiropractor Appointment Booking Software

Chiropractic office scheduling software with client reminders

Chiropractic Wellness Center Appointment SoftwareResearchers tell us that over 80% of the general population will suffer from one of the great variety of vertebrogenic disorders—disorders of the body caused in whole or in part by spinal faults. These pains and discomforts are typically in the neck and back, but can also include headaches, pain in shoulders and arms, hips, knees, legs, and so forth. When the nerves in the spine that serves all areas of the body are irritated directly or indirectly chiropractic care can bring great relief.

To keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently so that you can focus on your patients, has all the tools to assist you. The integrated calendar and to-do list keeps track of important deadlines, provides automated reminders and is accessible anywhere.

Try GigaBook’s Chiropractor Appointment Reminder Software

One of the most effective features is the ability for your customers to schedule appointments. GigaBook allows customers to schedule online 24/7 without needing someone in the business to necessarily pick up the phone. Notifications and reminders can also be automated when appointments are scheduled. You control the content of the correspondence while freeing up the extra time normally spent attempting to notify and remind customers.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Accept appointments requested through your existing website
  • Create your own free personalized booking mini-site
  • Send clients text messages and email reminders
  • Send reminders to yourself or other staff/vendors about upcoming appointments
  • Easily reschedule appointments and notify clients about the change
  • Easily set repeat appointments
  • Track success rate of all appointments

If you provide education and counsel to enhance complete health and wellness, you can manage class size through GigaBook’s customizable Group Setting Booking tool—you set the specifications and GigaBook tracks the progress of class enrollment.

Through the use of effective appointment and calendar management you should experience the following benefits within your practice:

  • Higher conversion rate of appointments through reducing no-shows
  • Increased revenue due to ease of scheduling sessions by clients
  • Increased client retention through effective communication


Turn your existing website into a real-time booking website!

If you have an existing website for your practice, you can easily convert your site to accept appointments with your real-time availability. Use the GigaBook Booking Widget included in your subscription to easily take appointments on your website. It’s as easy as creating and customizing your own booking widget and then inserting it on your own site!