Chiropractor Appointment Scheduling Software, Patient Reminders

Create and manage patient appointments online, send automated reminders for clients and staff

Chiropractic Wellness Center Appointment SoftwareWhether you are a Chiropractor who runs a single employee business or part of a much larger operation, there are unique challenges to the profession in regards to creating more revenue or more appointments. It is very difficult to interface with customers who are not already standing in your business for an appointment. Paying the bills requires being locked in a room with a patient, which means relying on someone else to help set your appointments or juggling voicemails to try and get someone else on the schedule.

Smaller businesses have the constant decision to make based on the cost of hiring someone to help run the business. This process can be time-consuming and expensive. Businesses with more employees can present a new set of issues. How do you determine which client belongs with which Chiropractor? If you share a receptionist, is there a standard procedure for adding an appointment to each person’s schedule? As you can see, there are numerous challenges no matter the size or structure of the business.

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 GigaBook can offer a solution to all these challenges for an extremely reasonable price. As a Chiropractor, GigaBook can help you with the following issues:

  • Create efficiency for scheduling process
  • Allow customers to book online without having to speak with anyone
  • Share a receptionist who can view other calendars and direct information properly
  • Use automated appointment reminders to make sure no-shows are minimal
  • Create customized promotional emails to keep patients informed about your business

Many Chiropractors can benefit from the implementation of GigaBook on many levels. The benefits are numerous, while the cost can be minimal in comparison to the return. With a free 14-day trial, there is no obligation required. Simply sign up with your contact information and begin customizing your account. Make the first step to an entirely new way of doing business today.