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Class Scheduling Software

Class booking can be a time consuming activity for any organization. Constantly keeping track of the number registered compared to the number of available spots can be overwhelming for anyone. Mistakes can be made and classes can be ruined before they even begin due to the complicated nature of manually scheduling. However, the ability to allow customers to register for classes online without having to supervise the process sounds extremely appealing.

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GigaBook offers the ability to schedule classes online through your existing website. Each class can be set to have a requirement for minimum and/or maximum number of attendees, as well as contain a description of the class. The criteria that can be set will completely customize each class to fit your specific needs. Some of the items that can be customized are listed below:

  • Number of attendees allowed
  • Set class minimum and maximum levels
  • Description of the class
  • Price of the class
  • Staff members involved in the class
  • Type of reminders and notifications send for the class
  • Repeating classes based on days, weeks or number of occurrences

All of these items make this online class booking software a great way to handle booking classes in the future. Appropriate ways to utilize the excess capacity created by online scheduling will be the biggest problem once the software has been utilized.

Another great feature about the automated notifications is during any cancellations. Unfortunately, classes must be cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances at times. GigaBook will allow you to send out a cancellation notification via email and text message to everyone who has registered for the class. Inform everyone at one time to make the process as painless as possible.

Get started with online class booking by registering for a free trial with GigaBook. Your business will receive a free 14-day trial just by signing up today.

Online Class Booking Software Applications