Classroom Reservation Software

Online classroom booking software ideal for reserving rooms for various functions

Classroom Reservation SoftwareClassrooms are widely used within local schools, lecture halls, or universities for more than just the daily classes scheduled. They may also be needed for guest speakers, large lectures, after school meetings, labs, tutoring, SAT courses, tests, conferences, study groups, and much more. Booking or renting out the classrooms hasn’t always been a structured task in the past, that is, until now.

GigaBook is a great way to provide online bookings for services provided by business owners and employees, but it is an amazing tool to book resources such as classrooms as well. The GigaBook booking widget can fit right into your existing website, whether it be a school website or an intranet with access limited to the personnel of the program or university. The organizer just has to simply sign the room up available hours it can be booked, and anyone with access can book the room for the available time that works for their scheduled event.

Try GigaBook’s Classroom Reservation Software

GigaBook is an efficient tool that offers many great features, like:

  • Having multiple users and resources setup on the same account
  • The ability for online booking 24 hours a day
  • A To-Do List to help keep the university, school, or program organized
  • Accepting payments or deposits for booking rooms (optional)
  • Customizable forms can be created for the booking process, which can help answer necessary questions to give access to the room such as “Do you agree to not using Pyrotechnics or Explosive materials while in the room?”
  • You can also set up Group Sessions, for something like a class that might be held such as a Spanish Class where up to 20 people can sign up (GigaBook will not allow overbooking)

GigaBook was created to help individuals to small businesses and is extending to larger educational and societal programs successfully grow and become more efficient without having to add a whole staff of administrative assistants. GigaBook is here to help you stay organized, and organization is the key to success!