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Automatic email, text message reminders for your clients or staff about upcoming appointments and bookings

Client Appointment RemindersDo you run a service business? Have problems with no-show appointments?  Want to increase the success rate of the bookings in your business?  Well you can, and you can do it affordably as well.  Online services now give small and medium sized businesses the ability to access client appointment reminders through SMS text messages or emails!  The cost basically covers itself through the increase in completed and successful appointments!

So how does it work?  First sign up for a free 14 day trial so you can make sure that GigaBook is the right fit for your business, you can do that here.  During the signup process we quickly gather the most basic information about your business and your services in order to help you have you account setup and ready to go the moment you sign in.  If you want help with that you can also call our customer support line at 913-553-4510 and we will setup up your account for you at no additional charge.  You can also put your contact information into the form on this page and one of our account specialist will reach out to you and help answer any questions you might have.

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Once your account is setup you are ready to go right away.  You can start adding appointments and events to your online calendar and based on the notification and reminder settings you selected you will be able to send client appointment reminders when and how you want to.  You can also set up your account to notify yourself or your staff about the same appointments!  Each individual appointment can be setup to send a text message reminder and an email reminder at the interval of your choice as well.  You can even tailor the messages in the text and email reminders to say whatever you want!

No that you have setup everything to work when and how you want it to your reminders will be completely automated, no more need to confirm appointments or remind your employees or yourself, GigaBook will do all of that for you!

Through the use of client reminders you should:

  • Experience a higher appointment success rate
  • Reduce no-show appointments
  • Have happier clients and employees
  • Increase efficiency in your business
  • Take the worry out the appointment workflow
  • Save money through increased efficiency