Client Contact Tracking Applications

Track contact with your business clients, keep service records, create account notes

Effectively tracking client contact can be a challenge in any business, especially busy ones.  Do you salespeople or service agents have a bunch of floating paper around their workspaces with notes about clients and when they contacted them? Or worse, do they not even track client contact at all?

GigaBook users now have the option of quickly and easily tracking their client contacts.  We have recently added the ability for all of our users to easily log and track their interactions with clients through the click of a button!

Now featured through the GigaBook Client page you can quickly log Phone, Face to Face and Phone Calls with your clients as well as easily take notes about those interactions, or for the client file itself.  Use of such records will make it easier for your co-workers to see when you had a contact with your client, what notes you left and also will allow you to print out the details if you need to!  No more guess work about what information was communicated and when!

Here is a screenshot of the Client Contact form in a GigaBook account!  You can also easily access Google Maps with one click as well as easily view all past and future appointments!

Client Contact Tracking


Use of Client Contact Tracking Software can:

  • Increase your overall sales
  • Improve customer service
  • Create accountability in the sales process
  • Create better service records

This is just one of the many features that subscribers of all levels gain access to when using GigaBook Online Business tools!  You can also gain access to other great tools for your business such as automated appointment reminders, Online To Do Lists, Cloud based employee and client scheduling calendars, Google Calendar Sync and more!