Commercial Kitchen Appointment Software

Online booking software for shared commercial kitchen spaces

Commercial Kitchen Appointment SoftwareThere are a lot of growing industries out there and few are realizing that “industry” itself is growing too. Allowing people to work in community environments where they can help their business is a need that most overlook. Having a commercial kitchen that business’ can come in and use is brilliant. It is what separates you from the others. This is a business that you can easily put on “keep warm” and let it manage itself. The big problem though, you have to have someone schedule for you. That can be expensive or time consuming.

GigaBook is hear to fix both of those problems. Once you setup your account and customize everything to the way you want it. Everything can be put on auto-pilot. GigaBook can be customized to your liking so it can reflect your business perfectly. With the ability to take booking online 24/7, you will never have to worry about someone answering the phone or being too busy. No over bookings, no mix ups, only fast easy appointments.

Try Gigabook’s Commercial Kitchen Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Allow your kitchen to be booked online all the time
  • Have automated emails and texts send to clients so they don’t miss their booking
  • Send similar messages to yourself so you are aware of all actions in your business
  • Setup recurring appointments for those who have a scheduled time to come!

Put your business booking on the back burner and sign up today!