Computer Repair Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment software ideal for use in computer or electronic repair shops

computer repair appointment scheduling softwareAs someone who repairs and maintains computers and servers, you may be responsible for building or configuring new hardware and creating and maintaining networks. Maybe you  work with the software itself. Computers get viruses or become overrun by malware, and you may be called upon to deal with the issues.

The fact of the matter is, you know what you’re doing, and your expertise is in high-demand. Your growing computer repair business is reaching more and more people, but without a system to easily accept payments, book your appointments, meetings, conference calls, etc., your life can easily become more overwhelming and stressful.

GigaBook’s computer repair appointment scheduling software takes care of that by making your time more manageable. It does this by creating efficiency and wasting less time, money and resources.

Try GigaBook’s Computer Repair Appointment Scheduling Software

Employing GigaBook as your online assistant, you wont have to worry about staff needing a break, vacation or weekend off, making it the best assistant you could employ. We turn your website into a 24/7 booking engine while saving you time, money and resources.

Potential customers visit your website every day, which means more leads. GigaBook’s computer repair appointment scheduling software makes it simple for them to book appointments on their own time and pay at the time of booking. Only your real-time availability will be visible to them, ensuring you won’t be dealing with double-booked appointments or meetings.

GigaBook’s computer repair appointment scheduling software integrates with hosts like WordPress, Wix, Jimdo, Weebly, Squarespace and GoDaddy. Our Share and Embed functionality allows you to include your booking widget on your website and social media pages.

Going online helps raise your business profile, build your brand, find more customers and get the word out about what you do. Not only is GigaBook’s computer repair appointment scheduling software user-friendly, but it allows for multiple platforms. Whether your customers are booking from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop, they will have a consistent and simple experience.

Additionally, you can use set up automatic email and text reminders and notifications to make sure you never miss a beat. By automating tasks and providing easy access to customers, GigaBook can take much of the stress, strain, mistakes and time out of arranging bookings for your business.

Using GigaBook’s computer repair appointment scheduling software, you can:

  • Make more sales while saving time
  • Manage your business from anywhere
  • Accept appointments and payment from your website
  • Access your booking page from any platform
  • Create customized notifications and reminders

Sound interesting? Give it a shot! Try GigaBook’s computer repair appointment scheduling software for yourself with a free, 14-day trial and start reaching more people today!