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Online Computer Repair Appointment Booking Software


Computer Repair Appointment SoftwareConsumers are accustomed to their technology working correctly all the time. When something goes wrong, most don’t know how to fix it properly. When they do try to fix it, they end up doing more damage than good. Your time can be very valuable, as some repairs may take hours to complete. When the office phone rings, you have to stop what you’re working on to answer it. Some calls could take up a lot of time trying to diagnose a problem. This can happen on a regular occurrence, pushing back timelines for your current customers, which can lead to bigger problems. Problems such as your reputation and potential repeat customers. Having the ability to accept online appointments can help with these issues and help grow your business at the same time.

Try GigaBook’s Computer Repair Appointment Software

Online appointment booking software acts as your personal assistant that works 24/7. GigaBook’s online appointment booking software works with your existing website when accepting and scheduling appointments. It gives you the flexibility when creating your booking widget to match the current layout of your website. Through GigaBook you can send notification reminders to your customers about their scheduled appointment. If an emergency comes up, you can easily reschedule appointments and notify your customers. GigaBook will sync with other calendars such as Gmail and Outlook, helping ensure nothing is ever overlooked. By setting projects, you are able to better prioritize scheduled repairs and stay on track for completion.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can: 

  • Take appointments through your current website.
  • Send notification reminders to customers about their appointments.
  • Easily reschedule appointments.
  • Set projects and to-do lists for staff.
  • Sync with other calendars.