Conference Meeting Room Reservation Software

Cloud based conference room reservation software

Conference Meeting Room Reservation SoftwareConference rooms are a great place for business conferences and meetings of all sizes, whether it’s two people meeting or an entire team. You may use a conference room internally within your business’s building, or you may rent out conference rooms for other businesses to use. Either way, it can be extremely frustrating and a waste of time when people show up for a meeting and the conference room has been double booked or another meeting is running over.

This can all be solved very easily. GigaBook allows you to set up resource accounts for your conference rooms and your employees or customers can book the rooms online for the amount of time needed without issues of double booking. If your rooms are rented to other businesses, they can pay at the time of booking right from your very own website.

Try GigaBook’s Conference Room Reservation Software

GigaBook can increase your efficiency and conference room booking sales, by:

  • Allowing online bookings, 24 hours a day
  • Collecting payment at time of booking if rented out
  • Keeping your internal conference room bookings organized and reducing employee confusion or conflict
  • The GigaBook booking widget can fit right onto your existing website
  • Sending email and text reminder of upcoming conference room meetings
  • Customizable booking questions so you have all information you need from businesses booking your venue
  • Creating your own online promo codes to attract new and repeat business


GigaBook is a great online assistant for all small businesses whether you are booking with a person or a resource. Check it out today and see all the great features that can make your business efficient and more successful!