Consultant Appointment Booking Software

Booking software fo use with financial consultants, CPAs and accounting firms

Consultant Appointment Booking SoftwareAs a consultant, your primary role is to assist organizations with certain areas of their work and processes. While you, the consultant, may act as an educator, a catalyst for deeper change, a resource or a facilitator, the leadership remains within the organization. However, you still have control of your own firm and need to find ways to become more efficient and book more clients while also wasting less time, money and resources – enter a consultant appointment booking software.

With a great consultant appointment booking software, such as GigaBook, this is made easy through the ability to allow clients to book your expertise through your existing website. GigaBook’s consultant appointment booking software allows you to accept and book appointments the same way you normally would, but it also updates your calendar and syncs with all third-party calendars (Apple, Google, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365) in real-time. This frees up your time to provide your expertise since there is virtually no risk of double-bookings and fewer no-show appointments or meetings.

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GigaBook’s consultant appointment booking software also offers the ability to automate redundant tasks throughout the office. For example, once an appointment is booked, GigaBook allows you to create, schedule and send personalized email and text notifications and reminders to clients and staff, leading to better overall communication and efficiency among all parties as well as higher client satisfaction.

Invoicing is another task that is easily automated through the use of consultant appointment booking software. With the invoicing feature, you’re able to create, send and track invoices. From there, you can also search for old, expired, past due and paid invoices for your records. No more taking time away from your or your staff’s day to prepare and send invoices, ensuring you get paid for your expertise in a timely manner.

With GigaBook’s consultant appointment booking software, you can:

  • Accept and book appointments through your existing website
  • Sync with all third-party calendars in real-time
  • Send notifications and reminders to clients and staff
  • Create, send and monitor invoices
  • Improve overall communication
  • Increase efficiency and streamline processes

Give it a try with a free, no-obligation 14-day trial and see the many ways you can become more efficient and help your consulting business thrive and grow!