Contractor Appointment Booking Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Contractors


Contractor Appointment Booking SoftwareDo you often find yourself on clients sites? Are you finding it nearly impossible to answer the phone when you’re onsite? Customers are looking for your services but are having a difficult time getting a hold of you. As a contractor, you wear many hats when it comes to scheduling for particular projects. However, when it comes to growing your business, you may find it difficult. Most of your time could be spent on site and supervising, but you also want to make sure your current clients are receiving exceptional service. When it comes to online reviews, you want them to all be positive, one negative review can be detrimental to your company. Online appointment booking will help in growing your business, while you ensure your customers receive the exceptional service.

Try GigaBook’s Contractor Appointment Software

When your company offers appointment booking software, you are able to focus more on your current projects. Customers can easily schedule consultation appointments with you without having to pick up the phone. With GigaBook’s appointment booking software, you are able to create a personalized booking widget that will integrate and work with your current website. You can send reminder notifications to your clients about scheduled appointments. By creating to-do lists for your staff, you can make sure is staying on task. GigaBook allows you to sync with other calendars such as Outlook and Gmail, to ensure appointments are not missed.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Use your existing website to accept appointments.
  • Send notifications to your clients about their appointment.
  • Easily reschedule an appointment and notify clients if necessary.
  • Create project tasks for your staff.
  • Send notifications to your staff about appointment changes.