CPR Class Booking System

Booking System Ideal for CPR Classes and Group Trainings

Booking System for CPR ClassesThere is no disputing it; CPR training and certification is important. It saves lives, the classes are fun, they make you smarter, it’s easy to learn, and the life you save could be that of a loved one.

No matter the situation, it is always good to have at least a basic knowledge and understanding in emergency situations until help arrives. In the case of CPR classes, most appointments are booked for groups of individuals or as a companywide training.

Many people sign up to take these classes every day, and without the proper booking system in place, it can become overwhelming to keep track of dates, times, locations, group sizes, etc. If you are a trainer or a student, it makes sense to make everything as simple and streamlined as possible for everyone.

Try GigaBook’s CPR Class Booking System

This is simple when you employ GigaBook, a CPR class booking system, as your online assistant. It allows you to accept appointments through your or your company’s website, a simple booking link or social media page. This turns your booking process from static to a transactional system that works 24/7 and offers the ability to accept payments at time of booking.

Once classes are booked, users can send personalized notifications and reminders through email and text. The result is better communication among trainees and staff. Sync your GigaBook calendar with your third-party calendars — Microsoft Exchange, Apple iCal, Office 365, Google Calendar and Outlook — Using GigaSync. Knowing that you are always connected is a plus.

Aside from being able to set appointments, GigaBook’s CPR class booking system allows you to cater the appointment to larger groups by making it a Group Session, which makes everything easier. In group sessions, you can:

  • Add new group sessions that can be added to your calendar later
  • Add descriptions about your group sessions
  • Set attendance limits
  • Add images and descriptions
  • Control the order that group sessions appear on your booking applications
  • Control the information everyone sees

GigaBook’s CPR class booking system also removes many redundant tasks from your administration duties. For example, it makes it fast and easy to create, send and track invoices. Within GigaBook, you can also simply search for old, outstanding, past due and paid invoices, and even sync it with QuickBooks; simplifying the process for staff, saving time and scheduling more classes!

Using aGigaBook’s CPR class booking system, you can:

  • Accept appointments through your own website
  • Send notifications and reminders to staff and clients
  • Create and edit group sessions
  • Sync with your third-party calendars
  • Create, send and monitor invoices
  • So much more!

Give GigaBook’s CPR class booking system a try with a free, 14-day, no-obligation trial and see the many ways it can help save you time, resources and money!