Crafting Class Workshop Booking Software

Online booking and reservation software for craft and crafting classes and workshops

Crafting Class Booking SofwareTheres nothing better than getting together with some friends, relaxing a little bit and doing some fun crafts!These classes are not only meant to show people how to make simple everyday items into an exciting new use, but to also get people together to have fun with the love of the art! We all know that the hardest part of this is communication and connecting. Either trying to let the world know about it or having these groups of classes remember to show up; after all, when the whole group shows up, it makes the fun so much more!

Things happen though, we all forget and get caught up with something; that is where Gigabook steps in. Gigabook allows your class or group to be invited through an email or through an existing website! Its so simple to get the word out there, you won’t be able to have enough classes. Then comes the seconds hill, getting people to remember to come. With Gigabook, you can set email and text message alerts that will send reminders out to all of the group members so that they never forget. You can set these to send out right before the class and earlier that day, or however you wish! There are no limitations with you and what you can do with your Gigabook!

Try Gigabook’s Crafting Classes Booking Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Allow appointments to be requested and accepted automatically through your existing website
  • Remind group members by text or email
  • Send reminders to yourself about upcoming appointments
  • Set reoccurring appointments with just a click
  • See the followthrough rate of your appointment

All of these settings for your classes and groups and be changed and configured to your liking with Gigabook’s Group Setting Booking Tool. Everything is customizable, and it is as easy as copy and paste.

The following benefits can be experienced with the use of effective appointment and calendar management:

  • Decreasing no-shows and increasing conversion rate
  • Reducing time spent on scheduling, and maximizing revenue
  • Increased retention rate with reminders and communication for customers

Your current website can be a real-time booking website in no time!