Customer Appointment Manager, Client Scheduling Software

Manage customer and client appointments, scheduling and booking through cloud based software

GigaBook Efficiency, Reliability, Quality, AvailabiltyDo you need an easy and effective way to manage your customer or client appointments online?  You can easily manage your customer appointments for yourself and your staff when you use GigaBook Online Appointment Software.  Since GigaBook is cloud based there is no actual software to download to your computer, that means you can access your customer appointment records from anywhere that you have internet access.  GigaBook is also completely responsive, so it doesn’t matter if you are on your mobile device or at home on your PC or Mac, the website will simply adjust to whatever environment it detects you are using.

Having easy access to your customer appointment log means more freedom for business owners and employees.  It also leads to better communication in and around your business.  No more using that ratty old binder or calendar, everything can now be neatly and effectively stored and backed up in the GigaBook Cloud.  You can even schedule automated email and text message reminders for yourself, staff or clients!

Our goal is to help your business grow through becoming your online assistant!  We are able to automate a lot of the repetitive tasks that seem to go undone in a lot businesses.  Let us focus on customer appointment reminders so you can focus on the other stuff in your business! Think about what one saved appointment a week or a month is worth to your business!  The subscription basically pays for itself!

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Businesses that are using cloud based scheduling and reminders are experiencing benefits such as:

  • Higher customer retention rates
  • Increased booking and scheduling rates
  • Reduced no show appointments through the use of automated reminders
  • Improved communication between co-workers
  • Improved task completion rates
  • Taking customer appointments online through their websites
  • Less stress due to better organization
  • Improved accessibility for clients
  • Improved customer management flow