Dog, Animal Trainer Appointment Software

Appointment Software for Animal Trainers and Pet Professionals

Golden Retriever outdoor training processWhether you have chosen the busy life of a zoo trainer or an independent animal trainer, your schedule is demanding and hectic.  And often it may seem easier to train your animals than it is to keep your schedule or business organized.  Don’t let that be the case, allow GigaBook to help you with automating the scheduling process, organizing your to do list and communicating booked and/or upcoming appointments and events with clients.

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 Similar to the training schedule and reinforcement schedule you put in place for your animal clients, you and your human clients need a reliable and well-organized schedule as well. offers a software solution for small businesses like yours that will assist you in maximizing your administrative time in the most efficient way, communicate with your current and potential clients, as well as put your website to work for you by allowing you to take appointments day and night.  Advertise your services via your website, inform current customers of additional services you provide, allow potential clients to view all of your varying services, and turn those website visits into real-time customers.  You don’t have a website? That isn’t a problem.  We are happy to help you set one up, or you can set up a free booking website through your GigaBook account.  Harnessing the power of your website can and will change your business. Imagine being able to confirm one more appointment a week just by putting a booking link on your website? What would that do for your business this year?

 With’s Animal Trainer Scheduling Software Solution you will be able to:

  • Improve communication with customers through email and text notifications when appointments are made
  • Reduce the number of no-shows and cancellations with the use of email/text reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Increase revenue due to the ease of scheduling additional appointments via your booking website
  • Easily reschedule appointments when needed and notify your clients
  • Increase client retention through more effective communication
  • Turn website traffic into customers by offering a real-time scheduling solution


You have enough to think about when you are with your animal friends, so stop worrying about missed calls and opportunities by incorporating GigaBook’s small business scheduling software into your busy world. Reduce stress, maximize efficiency, increase communication and get some of your time back to focus on other ways to build your business (or relax).  Let GigaBook Be Your Assistant.