Dog Groomer Appointment Scheduling Software

Booking software ideal for dog grooming businesses needing to create more efficiency

Dog Groomer Appointment Scheduling SoftwareAs a dog groomer, you understand that your clients’ four-legged friends are more than just pets. You realize there is a need and responsibility to provide the best experience possible while still remaining efficient and wasting less time, money and resources, which is why GigaBook, a dog groomer appointment scheduling software, can become the best (online) assistant you’ve ever had. We can’t fetch your coffee, but we can take a bite out of business downfalls.

GigaBook’s dog groomer appointment scheduling software allows you to unleash yourself from your business in order to focus more on the things you love to do and make more time to provide your services rather than working to schedule them.

Using GigaBook’s dog groomer appointment scheduling software, you make yourself available 24/7 using your own website or business page. With our Share & Embed feature, you can allow clients to schedule directly through your website, add a contact form to your website, share your booking options through social media, add a “schedule appointment” link to emails and much more! Promote yourself and your business from virtually everywhere.

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One of the best features of GigaBook’s dog groomer appointment scheduling software is GigaSync. This feature allows you to sync your GigaBook calendar with popular third-party calendars, such as Apple, Google, Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange. This lets clients view your real-time availability and once a client books through your website, your calendars stay updated, ensuring you don’t run the risk of any double-bookings or no-show appointments.

The ability to create, schedule and send personalized email and text reminders means you, your staff and your clients will constantly be in-the-know with GigaBook’s dog groomer appointment scheduling software. You decide what to send, when to send it and to whom it will be sent. Whether it’s updating a client about an upcoming appointment, sending promotional/marketing materials, follow-ups or other correspondence, better overall communication leads to higher overall satisfaction.

Do you have more than one location but aren’t sure how to let clients know? Well, GigaBook’s dog groomer appointment scheduling software uses geo-location to automatically recommend the closest location based on the client’s proximity and can also recommend drive times, helping you to avoid having to reiterate directions all day long.

Additionally, GigaBook integrates with multiple payment platforms, allowing your processes to become much quicker and easier. You can allow clients to pay a deposit, enter promo/coupon codes or pay full amounts due in advance/at time of booking. Integrating your GigaBook account with a payment gateway allows for all of this to take place directly from your website and won’t force your client to a different location just to process payment. Keeping everything local and keeping eyes on your business’s website is more convenient for everyone.

Using GigaBook, a dog groomer appointment scheduling software, you can:

  • Promote your business from anywhere
  • Sync with third-party calendars
  • Send personalized test and email notifications/reminders
  • Accept bookings for multiple locations
  • Accept payments instantly, directly from your website

Get started with a free, 14-day trial of GigaBook and let us know what you think! You’ll see why we’re no bark and all bite.