Email Marketing Platforms: MailChimp vs Constant Contact

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Marketing is one way to take your business up a notch. In fact, along with accounting and operations, marketing earns its right to be its own department in an organization. It’s also the most volatile operational area that can make or break a business.

Its disruption is undeniable. Businesses opt for many ways to market themselves. With the constant advent of technology, marketing has grown even more as it now enters the digital arena. Not only are algorithm-based digital ads made available, but digital marketing tools are also dominating the industry.

Digital marketing has benefited many businesses since its conception. One part of digital marketing—along with social media, public relations, and influencer, among others—is email marketing. Various platforms offer this service to drive marketing through emails much more efficient. But how does it work?

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How does Email Marketing work?

Email marketing can be considered a subset of public relations or PR since it is a direct reach from an organization to the audience. Basically, this type of digital marketing sends commercial emails to a specific person, a set of people, and/or a filtered pool of people that could potentially become customers or clients.

Why do people use Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very efficient avenue to generate conversions. This strategy could offer immense benefits to your organization when executed properly.

Here are some advantages of Email Marketing:

  1. It’s cost-efficient. Compared to other avenues of digital marketing, email marketing is the cheapest. Nevertheless, doing it yourself or through an email marketing platform can significantly lower the cost compared to social media or influencer marketing.
  2. It’s customizable. Doing email marketing allows you to get creative with customizing your content based on your target contact. Your audience will get personalized experience through specific ads tailored for a person or a set of people.
  3. It’s easy to track. Tracing conversions and engagements is made easier with email marketing. Aside from the direct contact, you can also opt for email marketing platforms that deliver the type of responses you need from your marketing campaign.
  4. It helps increase brand awareness. Because of email marketing, you can easily put your brand out. When people need something that you can provide, they will instantly think about you. This strategy is powerful because awareness leads to engagement, and engagement can lead to sales.
  5. It’s SMART. In summary, email marketing can be described in the mnemonic, SMART. It is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. 

MailChimp vs Constant Contact

MailChimp and Constant Contact lead the race on the most efficient email marketing platforms, since both contain the essentials on what it takes to be a high-performing email marketing platform. Sending newsletters, company updates, promotions, and offers are made effortless using these platforms.

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Their competitive edges over each other are described in the table below.

Feature MailChimp Constant Contact
Management of lists Encourages using tags to manage contacts instead of using lists Has usable lists management function, but now has tags for filtering
Importing contacts list Allows adding of subscribers one-by-one and importing contacts from Google Contacts, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc. Allows uploading contacts one-by-one, all at once, or through .xls, .xlsx, & .vcf files
Image management Allows you to upload unlimited images which can be repurposed for future campaigns Allows up to 5 images only and requires upgrade to MyLibrary Plus. However, they allow usage of free stock images
Email management Provides great options to create visually-appealing pages Provides email templates that are ready to use and drag-and-drop features
Automation and scheduling Contains advanced automation features. Automating events are customizable. Intelligent notifications are also available Allows you to create automatic responders to new signups on your list
User Interface Simple and user-friendly Design and experience can be improved
Analytics Generates reports on clicks and engagements and compares it to industry averages for points of reference Generates reports on clicks and engagements from your campaigns
Pricing Free plan
Up to 2000 contacts
Up to 12000 emails/month
60-day Free trial
Up to 100 contacts
Unlimited emails
$40/mo for 2500 contacts

Email Marketing with GigaBook

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Our 3rd-party integrations allow our users to make use of an email marketing platform. MailChimp proves to be the most cost-efficient and streamlined integration based on the information above.

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