Escape Room Booking Software

Booking and reservation application for escape room businesses

Escape Room Booking SoftwareThe popularity of live-action team-based escape room games has grown tremendously since its inception in 2007.  Many escape room facilities have expanded from a single thematic room to multiple rooms, accessible to a wide age range of players.  The appeal of escape room games extends from groups of friends to families to team-building opportunities for all sizes of businesses and corporations.  On average, an escape room facility is open about 60 hours a week to accommodate its popularity.

Depending on the market location, the facility either charges by the person, or by the team or group.  Additionally, most facilities schedule a debriefing time into the experience so that participants can talk about their event and transition back into the “real world” after the high-stress environment created within the escape room.

For an efficient and effortless experience on the player’s end, an online booking process, such as GigaBook, is key to getting things off to a smooth start.  This allows an individual or an entire group to schedule an escape room, and can handle multiple pricing options.   Customized emails and reminders are sent, and GigaBook’s mobile app allows access to the information anywhere, anytime.

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With GigaBook Online Booking, you can:

  • Accept bookings through your existing website
  • Accept full or partial payment at time of booking
  • Send customers text messages and email reminders
  • Book multiple participants
  • Easily take bookings on mobile devices
  • Show real time availability

You can manage group size through GigaBook’s customizable Group Setting Booking tool, you set the specifications and GigaBook tracks the progress.

Through the use of effective appointment and calendar management you should experience the following benefits:

  • Higher conversion rate of bookings through reducing no-shows
  • Increased revenue due to ease of scheduling by customers
  • Increased customer retention through effective communication

Turn your existing website into a real-time booking website.  If you have an existing website, you can easily convert your site to accept appointments with your real-time availability.  Use the GigaBook booking widget included in your subscription to easily take appointments on your website.  It’s as easy as creating and customizing your own booking widget and then inserting it on your own site!