Event Planner Appointment Booking Software

Appointment and event booking software for event planning businesses

Event Planner Appointment Booking

As an Event Planner you have a time sensitive and laborious job. You always have to always be on time and have everything meshing perfectly. You are always running around, planning, and making sure everything is perfect for your client. With doing all of this, it can be almost impossible to get and make new clients and schedule appointments. You don’t want to be rude to your current client and answer the phone the whole time so you need some extra help. With Gigabook you can begin a life of taking appointments online today. We can make your current website into a real-time booking site in no time! With Gigabook’s notifications and reminders, you will never have a client miss or forget about an appointment again! We can send out text messages or emails automatically for you!

Try Gigabook’s Event Planner Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Your future clients can start booking appointments online through your existing website
  • Have Gigabook automatically send out text messages and emails to remind any clients
  • Also, you can send these reminder to yourself in this manner so you are never late as well
  • Set up recurring appointments a seconds time

Event planning is a fun job! If you want to start having parties or classes to show your skills or styles you can set these up in Gigabook’s Group Setting Booking Tool. Everything can be altered to reflect your business and it is as easy as copy and paste.

The following benefits can be experienced with the use of effective appointment and calendar management:

  • With Gigabook’s reminders you will decrease the number of no-shows and increase your overall conversion rate
  • Also you will have increased retention rate and better communication for customers
  • With all of this you can maximize your profits by reducing time spent on scheduling

In no time you can have your website start taking online appointments!