Financial Planner Appointment Scheduling Software

Financial Planner scheduling, appointment and reminder software

Financial Planner Appointment SoftwareThe job of a financial planner can be one of chaos and inability to organize roughly 1,000 different tasks that have constantly changing parts. Organization and controlling the chaos can be the difference between being successful and finding a new career.

GigaBook provides the features necessary to create the organization, efficient environment needed to focus on tasks that bring in revenue. Instead of spending all day monitoring appointment requests and constantly sending back and forth correspondence about appointment dates and times, let GigaBook do it for you.

 Use the following features to provide the necessary organization and automation to allow your focus to be on the actual details of your position:


Use the GigaBook Dashboard as the activity center for your entire business. You can quickly monitor your upcoming activity in just minutes, while achieving a more complete understanding of your business than ever. You can also customize the layout to only display information that is pertinent to your activities. This is a great way to keep a close eye on the functions of your business without spending all day managing.


Online Appointment Requests

Communication with clients is a main function of a financial planner’s daily activities. Giving clients full access to a schedule that you have set, shows the client you are determined to give the best possible customer service. In a field that emphasizes trust between the financial planner and client, this open access could go a long way in creating those desirable relationships.


Automated Appointment Reminders

The ability to automate correspondence should be exciting for financial planners. With all the regulation about correspondence, you can create a consistent message that will go to all clients. It will also replace the time consuming manual emails that are being send for appointment confirmations and reminders.

These three features alone make GigaBook and exciting addition to the every day life of any financial planner. The best part is that these are only three of the features offered by GigaBook! Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to explore and discover all the other possibilities.


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