Financial Specialist Appointment Software

Financial Specialist Online Appointment Booking Software


Financial Specialist Appointment SoftwareWhen it comes to an individual’s finances, they can often be naive with the way they handle their money. It can be so easy to swipe a credit card and not think of the implications it may or may not have down the road. As people become more relaxed with their spending, they might find themselves in a deep hole, looking to you to help them get out of it. As more and more individuals turn to financial specialists for help, your time becomes more valuable as you are taking on more clients. However, it can also put a strain on trying to grow your business, as you are no longer able to take appointments when you are working with clients.

Try GigaBook’s Financial Specialist Appointment Software

Having the ability to accept online appointments gives you more time and freedom to work with your already existing clients, ensuring they receive the best service possible. With GigaBook’s online appointment software, you can create custom booking widgets that will work with your already existing website. If you don’t have a website, no problem! GigaBook offers a business page to help you get your business off the ground. With GigaBook you are able to set reoccurring appointments with clients and even send text and email notifications about upcoming appointments. You can sync GigaBook with other calendars ensuring that you never miss an appointment.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Create a custom booking widget that will work with your existing website.
  • Create a business page if you do not have a website currently.
  • Set reoccurring appointments with clients.
  • Send text and email notifications to clients.
  • Easily reschedule appointments.
  • Have the ability to accept appointments 24/7.