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Fitness Instructor Online Appointment Booking Software

Fitness Instructor Appointment SoftwareIn recent years with more and more health studies coming out, there has been a significant increase in individuals bettering their personal health. As a fitness instructor, you want to provide the best workout possible for your clients given their health goals. When you are with clients you are focused on their workout, making sure they have the proper technique and educating them. If you are constantly taking phone calls and answering texts your focus is shifted which can create frustration and annoyance for the individual you are working with. So how do you grow your client base while still maintaining your focus on your current session? Online appointment booking with GigaBook is a great solution to this.

Try GigaBook’s Fitness Instructor Appointment Software

GigaBook is an online appointment booking software that works simultaneously with you, it will take and schedule appointments while you are with your clients. You can create a custom booking feature that integrates with your existing website where new and existing clients can schedule their sessions with you. With the group session feature, you can schedule classes that your clients can attend if they so choose. When an appointment is booked, GigaBook will send notifications and reminders to your clients and staff member about the appointment. If you have clients that you see on a regular basis, you can set reoccurring appointments with them. You can also easily reschedule appointments for when those unexpected events come up. Using the invoicing features, you can easily create and send invoices to your clients. GigaBook acts as your online personal assistant working for you while you are with your clients.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can: 

  • Accept appointments through your existing website.
  • Send appointment notification and reminders to your clients via email and text.
  • Easily schedule reoccurring appointments.
  • Send reminders to yourself and staff about upcoming appointments.
  • Create project tasks and to-do lists for yourself and staff.
  • Create and send invoices to clients.