Flooring Contractor Appointment Scheduling Software

Estimate, job scheduling and appointment software for flooring companies and contractors

Floor Contractor Appointment SoftwareAre you in the residential or commercial flooring business?  If you are then you know how hard it can be to interface with your clients and prospective clients while you are out on your various job sites.  It is probably time for you to start collecting leads and taking appointments based on your availability, and do it on your own website!

When you use GigaBook Online Appointment, Scheduling and Booking Tools can you easily and affordably turn your existing website into a lead generating machine!  You can also easily schedule employees, meetings, estimates and jobs and do it all online!  This makes it easy for you to keep your crew and your customers up to date about when and where they need to be!  You can easily and automatically send email or text message reminders to clients and staff about upcoming appointments and events, take requests online for your services or requests for services and you can also easily track customer contact and keep notes about what you stated or discussed!  It’s all easy when you have a subscription to GigaBook!

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Businesses that take appointments online enjoy the following benefits:

  • An increased number of leads
  • More accessibility for your clients and customers
  • Increased efficiency through automated scheduling


Businesses that use automated appointment reminders benefit from:

  • Reduced No Show Appointments
  • High customer satisfaction rates
  • Greater operational efficiency


When you use GigaBook in your business you can:

  • Send Email and Text Message reminders
  • Take appointments online
  • Print schedules and reports
  • Share a group calendar in the GigaBook Cloud
  • Create To Do List for yourself or delegate the items
  • Manage your appointments and scheduling from anywhere