Florist Delivery Scheduling Software, Client Reminders

Floral shop delivery scheduling software, delivery reminders, online request system

Florist Delivery SchedulingFlowers and floral design have served important roles in personal enjoyments and religious decoration throughout the centuries and are a major part in the celebration of life’s events from birth to death. Today, people continue to include floral arrangements in the furnishings of their homes and offices, thanks to the skills and talents of floral designers.

If this is your profession, your sense of artistry and creativity are appreciated—and in great demand. Whether you’re self-employed or are part of a larger shop, you have a lot of tasks, some reoccurring daily, weekly or monthly. has all the tools to assist you in staying organized and working efficiently. The integrated calendar and to-do list keeps track of your recurring schedule when working long-term agreements with hotels, restaurants, or office buildings, replacing old flowers with new flower arrangements. You’ll receive automated reminders to keep you on task.

Try GigaBook Online Scheduling Tools

The online scheduling software allows easy access for your customers, wholesalers and growers to schedule appointments with you, and GigaBook sends email or text reminders so that appointments aren’t missed. GigaBook allows customers to schedule online 24/7 without needing someone in the business to pick up a phone, especially around your busiest holidays. This easy form of communication keeps everyone informed and on the same page.


With GigaBook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Accept appointments requested through your existing website
  • Create your own free personalized booking mini-site
  • Send clients text messages and email reminders
  • Send reminders to yourself or other staff/suppliers about upcoming appointments
  • Easily reschedule appointments and notify clients about the change
  • Easily set repeat appointments
  • Track success rate of all appointments


Through the use of effective appointment and calendar management you should experience the following benefits within your floral business:

  • Higher conversion rate of appointments through reducing no-shows
  • Increased revenue due to ease of scheduling appointments by clients
  • Increased client retention through effective communicatio