Foreign Language Tutor Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for foreign language teachers and tutors

Foreign Language Appointment SoftwareWhether it is Spanish, French, German, Hindi, or Mandarin there is always a new language to be learned. Kids all across the world are becoming bi-lingual and learning more and more skills that make them attractive to employers around the globe. Foreign language is the most sought after skill for kids by their parents. Everyone wants their child to be the best and brightest; and what is the best way to show that than speaking multiple languages. Tutors like you, the one that can build a base of knowledge then build on that for these kids or adults thirsting for more language skills, are the ones that will make a difference in peoples lives!

How to do this though…running a business isn’t easy. Especially one that is focused on your students learning and booking with you. So you have to be a well-oiled, efficient machine. GigaBook can help you be that. With online booking in real-time, you won’t have to worry about talking to or texting your students. They will book according to when you have time!

Try Gigabook’s Foreign Language Tutor Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • You can take bookings online through your website, email, social network links, or a free business page we give you!
  • Have automated emails and text messages sent to your students so they are never late!
  • Have similar messages sent to you so you are always aware of what is next!
  • For those students who you see on a regular basis; set up recurring appointments with a click!

GigaBook can also allow you to have a group booking option. If you are interested in holding more of class sessions with adults or kids at the same level, GigaBook can allow you to  set up classes and students can book in those sessions!