Foundation Repair Appointment Software

Online appointment booking and scheduling software ideal for foundation repair contractors

Foundation Repair Appointment SoftwareAs the owner of a foundation repair business, your incoming sales lead are really valuable. In fact, missing just one opportunity can so expensive that doing anything to stop that from happening should be a top priority.   All that being said, how are you supposed to keep up with all of the incoming requests while dealing with current customers.  Afterall, it’s not that easy to take a call, set an appointment or anything else when you are digging a trench!

So now that we identified the problem, let’s talk more about the solution.  Fortunately, it’s an easy one too! If you use online appointment booking software you can easily capture more leads, send reminders to customers that you are about to visit, manage the stages of projects and assign them to clients and more! All on one platform and for one low price!

Try GigaBook’s Foundation Repair Appointment Software

If what you read so far isn’t enough to get you signed up for a free trial of our online booking system, then here are a few more reasons why you should be using it:

Your competition is either using appointment booking software or getting ready too!

There are two ways of looking at this.  You can either catch up or get ahead.  Both are good ideas.  It’s a modern world, businesses, and industries of all types and sizes are rapidly adopting the use of booking software.

It’s so easy to setup up you will ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner

Getting your new online appointment system setup is fast and easy when you use Smart Start, GigaBook’s account setup process!  We start by asking you a few simple yes or no questions.  Using those answers Smart Start is able to give you a customized account setup flow based on what your business needs!  The whole process takes 5-10 minutes and you will be ready to take appointments online after you are done!

Complete more client estimate visits successfully

Isn’t it the worst when you drive across town only to realize that your client forgot about your appointment? You can reduce that with simple appointment reminder automation.  In fact, its so easy that once you complete your account setup, GigaBook will do all of it for you after.  On top of it, when you do the math, the value of the time or opportunity saved is so high that it probably exceeds the cost of the booking platform expense for a year!

Hopefully, all of this information is exactly what you needed to start using online scheduling software within your foundation repair business!