French Tutor Appointment Booking Software

Online appointment scheduling software for French Tutors

French Tutor Appointment Booking SoftwareAs a French tutor, you may help spread the language of love to students needing help with their grade in a class, individuals who want to learn a new language, or a whole group lesson as a recreational French class. Whether you work as an individual entrepreneur or you have a whole business and team of tutors, keeping an organized schedule and easy way to book your clients would be very efficient for your business.

With GigaBook, c’est très facile! GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform that you can put right onto your existing website (ou faire un site internet avec GigaBook). GigaBook will allow your clients to book you online 24 hours a day and keep you and your tutors organized.

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Comment GigaBook aider mon entreprise?

  • Accept deposits or payments at time of booking
  • Send text or email reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Customize invoices and email to clients
  • Create promo codes to attract new clientele
  • Create group lessons for online booking and set minimum and maximums per class
  •  Use the to-do list for daily tasks and organization

Your clients may be willing to put in the hard work in learning a language, but they would probably like the process of finding and booking your time made a little easier. Try a free trial of GigaBook today, et regarder grandir votre entreprise!