German Tutor Booking Software

Online scheduling software ideal for German language tutors and teaching professionals

German Tutor Booking SoftwareGerman is a popular language taught in high schools as well as many earlier grades now, but many who take this course (as with many foreign languages) may not be great at practicing outside of the classroom. That is where you come in as a fluent German tutor. You may run a small business for German lessons, or you may contract out multiple tutors to a building client base. Either way, you can make your business more efficient and save you time with online booking with GigaBook.

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that provides many other tools to help your business succeed all while saving you more time. You can add the booking platform right onto your existing website, or create a page with GigaBook if you don’t have a website yet. GigaBook is the perfect online assistant that will be your hardest working employee, working for you day and night, and your most affordable employee by far.

Try GigaBook’s German Tutor Booking Software

What does GigaBook offer that can help my tutoring business succeed?

  • Send email and text reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Be available for online booking 24 hours a day
  • Cleanly display the services you offer with as much information as you want for each service including pricing, tutors available, images, and more
  • Collect deposits online at time of booking
  • Customize your invoices and email them to clients for the option of online payments
  • Create custom booking forms to gather information of your clients prior to your first session
  • Use the to-do list to assign employees tasks with due dates and email reminders

You can see everything GigaBook can offer your business with a free trial of GigaBook today. Its easy to use, cost is easily made up with one lesson, and helps improve your business. What other reasons do you need to check out GigaBook today?