GigaBook – Best Online Appointment Booking Software for New Businesses

Let's discuss why GigaBook is the best newcomer in online appointment bookings

GigaBook has been around for a few years now and it’s growing and becoming disruptive. Why? More and more businesses are using it. Aside from its affordable price, entrepreneurs whose businesses rely on online bookings have enjoyed GigaBook’s features that cater to every business need.

In the world today where technology is an extension to most business processes, it is important to pick up the pace and follow through the technological wave. Or else, you’ll be left behind. And for smaller businesses, it’s much tougher to rise above adversity as far as competition is concerned.

GigaBook wants to address those issues. The platform aims to provide businesses that rely on bookings to automate their processes to gain more revenue and serve their customers better.

With GigaBook, you can address the possible issues you may encounter with manual bookings such as cancellations and no shows, human error, and limited booking access among others. These issues can be solved when using online appointment booking software.

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What is GigaBook?

GigaBook is a cloud-based online appointment booking platform developed to help small to medium enterprises improve their appointment booking process among other business processes.

From the basic online appointment booking feature, GigaBook has expanded to include some of the most common business processes up to the most granular possible. 

Here are the features available on GigaBook:

  • Appointment system
  • Team scheduling
  • To-do lists
  • Project management
  • Invoicing
  • Payment collection
  • Email marketing
  • Business pages
  • Intelligent setup wizard
  • Widgets
  • Notifications, etc.

Why use GigaBook?

The mentioned features alone should encourage you to use the platform. GigaBook has some of the best features that can automate processes and manage business activities. With these, you provide the best experience possible not only for your customers but for your organization.

Here are the advantages when using an online appointment booking system like GigaBook:

Booking acceptance 24/7. After setting up your account, GigaBook allows you to create booking forms that you can share on your business pages so your clients can access. When you make appointment bookings available online, your services are more accessible to your customers. Your clients can still book even beyond office hours. 

Easy booking/rebooking process. Because your online booking form displays only the available slots, it’s easier for your clients to view when it’s most convenient for them/ Traditionally, booking appointments happen after layers and layers of back-and-forth communication. With GigaBook, your clients can book in as easy as multiple clicks.

Seamless billings and transactions. GigaBook uses secure payment options that allows you to make invoices and accept payments using supported payment systems like, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe. Say goodbye to physical transactions when you use GigaBook for your business.

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Huge time savings. By opting for the online booking option like GigaBook, you can save time from writing information, calls and emails, and manual scheduling. 

Reduced cancellations or no-shows. Since everything can be automated, you can roll out custom notifications to your clients. These notifications will help remind your clients that their booking is just around the corner. As mentioned previously, you could also allow your clients to reschedule their appointments ahead of time.

Minimized human error. You don’t want two clients to be in the same meeting, right? This alone should encourage you to go for online booking systems! Automating these processes reduces common mistakes that people can make.

Centralized business management. GigaBook has a business dashboard that helps you keep track of your progress and calendar. This is important in helping you track your success and your booked times. To top it off, GigaBook also has a project management tool.

These are just some of the best feats you’ll enjoy when you sign up for a GigaBook account. The reason many entrepreneurs go for GigaBook is its flexibility to whatever kind of business you have: spas, therapy, merchandise, live performances, ticket sales, and more!

GigaBook has been named the best appointment scheduling app for newcomers by Zapier. They mentioned that GigaBook is a perfect serviceable appointment booking app with great options for businesses that have a variety of needs.

Aside from GigaBook’s awesome customizability, it also allows you to manage multiple staff members, multiple clients, multiple locations, and multiple resources or assets. It has an intelligent setup wizard that makes sure you don’t forget anything before you take the leap.

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