Google Web Font Tester

Google Web Font Tester online web developer tool

Not sure where to get started with your web design font? With GigaBook’s google web font tester you will have over 650 fonts to choose from that you can use with your design. With the google web font tester you are able to type the text you want to display on your website and preview how it will display on your finished design. Using the drop-down menu you can select from over 650 fonts, select the font size you would like to use and even the spacing between the letters!

Adding this font to your web design is just as easy! You will need the javascript file and CSS property to add the desired text to your web design. Worried about character limits? No problem! No matter how big or small your project is, google web font tester is just the right tool for your web design text needs!

GigaBook offers over 40 different web design tools that are FREE to use! With a simple sign up, these web design tools can be yours! When it comes to yours or your client’s appointment booking software we hope that you keep GigaBook in mind.

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Google Web Font Tester