Graffiti Removal Appointment Software

Online appointment software for graffiti removal businesses


Graffiti Removal Appointment SoftwareHow disheartening is it to drive by a favorite spot in town or a neighborhood, only to find that drawings have been scribbled, scratched or painted illicitly on the wall or other nearby structure.   In some cities, street artists are invited to display their artistic talents on given spaces, however other times, it’s offensive and considered an act of vandalism.

There are many approaches to removing unwanted graffiti.  GigaBook offers an online booking system to schedule appointments for the management of the various removal processes.  Clients are able to access your availability online, along with being able to view all the services and options you provide.  No need to be tied to a desk or office phone—if you’re out of the office viewing or working on a location, your clients can still schedule an appointment, then receive confirmation via text or email.  Maximize your business efficiency by using GigaBook as an employee who works 24/7 and on multiple devices—phones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers.

Try GigaBook’s Graffiti Removal Appointment Software

GigaBook Online Booking Software Can Provide:

  • Customizable notifications to you, your staff and your clients
  • Account setup is easy to do
  • Specific client-based forms can be created to gather information
  • Reports and information about your appointments and business can be easily downloaded
  • Payments can be taken with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree or