Group Guitar Lesson Booking Software

Online class scheduling software ideal for group guitar classes

Group Guitar Lesson Booking SoftwareLearning how to play guitar can be a life goal for people of all ages. Learning how to play guitar in a class with other beginners or intermediate players can make the lessons that much more fun, and more beneficial both financially and time-wise for you as the teacher. While your passion may be more playing and teaching the guitar, you may not be as excited about the logistics of running a business. So let GigaBook help as your online assistant.

GigaBook is an appointment and group-class booking platform that is cloud-based and can be added right onto your existing website. Simply add what classes you are offering and when, and let your clients come to you. Students can sign up individually or with friends in real time and GigaBook will close classes once your maximum number of students has signed up for the particular class.

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What else can GigaBook do to help make my Group Guitar Instruction business more efficient?

  • Send text and email reminders to reduce no shows
  • Accept payments at time of booking
  • Customize invoices and email them to your clients
  • Save client information automatically from all online bookings
  • Create promo codes to attract new and repeat business
  • No website? No problem. Create one at no additional cost with GigaBook
  • Be available for online booking 24 hours a day from any phone, computer, or tablet

GigaBook will help you stay ahead of competitive instructors with modern online booking. Don’t miss out on staying efficient and saving yourself time. Start a free trial of GigaBook today!