Group Piano Lessons Appointment Software

Online group lesson booking for piano classes

Group Piano Lessons Appointment SoftwareEveryone wants their child to be the next Mozart. Not only does it take natural ability for music, it takes years and years of dedicated practice. Some students will pick it up faster than others will. Nevertheless, you are in business so that you can train them all. Either privet lessons or class lessons, you can teach the specifics and basics. With GigaBook you can do just that. You can allow your bookings to be taken online and students can book your single lessons or in a class! 24/7 you will be able to take a booking and your students won’t have to call or text. This can be what changes your business and makes you reach new heights.

Try Gigabook’s Group Piano Lessons Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Your students can books at any of your open times online when they are available too
  • Let GigaBook send out reminders to your students so they don’t miss lessons
  • Get notifications and reminders from GigaBook when people signup and your lesson is about to start
  • You can set recurring lessons so make it easier to set up your group bookings

With GigaBooks online group booking, you have a special widget that you can customize to mirror your business! You allow your students to book when you have classes.

Get your account set up now and have your piano lessons fill up!