Hair Salon Appointment Software

Software for Hair Salons to take appointments and bookings online

Hair Salon Appointment SoftwareMost owners of hair salons understand the absolute necessity for some type of appointment scheduling software. This type of software creates an unbelievable difference in the operations of the business in a positive way, such as improving the customer experience, generating additional customers, managing stylist schedules, tracking appointments and much more. Luckily, GigaBook is software that can assist hair salons with these tasks, as well as add some additional helpful features.

GigaBook has the ability to help hair salons in many different areas of the every day operations. The features below are a few of many that can help transform your salon.

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Online Booking Widget

One of the most important aspects to gaining and maintaining customers in the salon industry is the ability to provide great customer service. Most customers want more convenience and fewer barriers to an appointment. GigaBook allows you to implement a booking widget online that allows each customer to access the real-time availability for any stylist 24/7.

Automated Appointment Reminders

In the spirit of creating the best possible customer experience, send automated email and/or text message reminders to customers for each appointment. Although this creates a great customer experience, it also decreases the amount of missed appointments.

Customizable Promotional Emails

Keeping customers engaged is important for hair salons. Utilize the customizable email system to keep in contact and send out information to past customers. GigaBook provides the option to email in bulk or individually. Either way, getting your business name in front of past customers is always a good idea to help facilitate repeat customers.

While these features seem great, GigaBook offers many other features all rolled into one subscription. Check out everything available by registering for a free trial with no obligation. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a whole new way of operating at an affordable price.

Using GigaBook Appointment Software in your Salon will help:

  • Allow your customer to book appointments on your website
  • Send client reminders and reduce no show appointments
  • Easily add appointments to your book from anywhere
  • Track appointment activity and client contact info easily
  • Assign clients to particular stylists
  • Establish permissions levels allowing stylists to see or not see others schedules and clients
  • Create To Do Lists for yourself or delegate tasks to others