Hair Salon Booking Applications

Online booking application for hair salons and stylists

Hair Salon Booking SoftwareDown time is the worst thing in the cosmetics business. If you’re not prepping, cutting, or styling; you’re not making money. The worst things are when you have customers calling while you have hair in one hand and scissors in the other; or you find yourself sitting in your own chair because your client forgot their appointment. Gigabook can completely revolutionize your business. With its real-time booking, you can start automatically accepting appointments through your current website (or a free one from us!) by simply copy and pasting! No more missed calls or texts going back and forth for a hour to find a time to meet! Gigabook also offers automatic notifications and reminders so that you will never have to get to remind a client again! Gigabook can send out the text or email one or more times so that your clients are always there and on time!

Try GigaBook’s Hair Salon Booking Application

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Using your existing website, you can allow appointments to be requested
  • Communicating using text messages and emails to remind clients
  • Have reminders sent to yourself or others about upcoming appointments
  • Notify clients about changes and reschedule appointments
  • Set Repeat appointments with a click
  • Follow completion of all appointments

If you offer bulk selling of products or styling technique classes for customers, you can manage the size of the groups through Gigabook’s Group Setting Booking Tool. All specifications and customizations are available with GigaBook

With GigaBook’s efficient appointment and calendar management, all of these benefits should be experienced as a hair stylist:

  • Decreased no-shows though appointment scheduling
  • Higher profit due to decreased time spent on scheduling and canceling
  • Clients receive a higher retention rate due to reminders and communication

In no time your current website can be a real-time booking website

For your current hair salon website you can begin allowing appointments with your real-time availability. With the GigaBook Booking Widget included with your subscription, you can easily create and customize your booking widget and insert it into your website and begin taking your appointments online.