Hairdresser Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for hairdressers

Hairdresser Appointment SoftwareEverybody loves good-looking hair.  Women particularly enjoy styling their hair to keep a fresh and engaging appearance.   Which is why hairdressers are so important.  Many women (and even men) see a hairdresser not only to look fresh but to attend a social gathering, special occasion, convention or meeting, oftentimes having their hair done the day before the occasion.  Professional hairdressers use a variety of techniques to provide their clients with the desired color and style.  Mostly they work at salons where they perform tasks such as shampooing, drying, cutting and trimming hair along with wig fittings and hair extensions.  Hairdressers advise their clients on what style fits their appearance and hairstyling tips they can employ at home.

Try GigaBook’s Hairdresser Appointment Software

If you provide hairdressing services, GigaBook can be an invaluable assistant in booking services on your website.  And if you’re new to the business you could benefit from GigaBook software by creating a free mini-site where your clients can make appointments.

If you own a salon, you can use GigaBook to manage simple accounting work like invoices and handle payments.  Send your clients reminders through text or email of your appointment to reduce no-shows. Bookings and appointments through GigaBook can be synchronized with iCal, Google, and Outlook calendar.


When you use GigaBook in your business you get access to the following benefits!

  • Send email or text reminders to clients.
  • To do lists that integrate into your calendars.
  • Sync with iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • Create a Free Mini-Site.
  • Take appointments for your services on your website.
  • Print custom reports and lists.
  • Track the success rate of your appointments and sales calls.