Headshot Photo Booking Software

Online appointment scheduling software for headshot photographers

Headshot Photo Booking SoftwareHeadshots are important for business cards, online profiles, signage, flyers, resumes, and much more. As a great photographer, you understand the importance of a headshot and how to bring together a professional look with someone’s inner beauty for the perfect shot. So you can display your wonderful examples of your work on your website, but the thing that can give you a big advantage with your competitors is online booking.

GigaBook can help you offer online booking at very little cost to you. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that can fit right onto your existing website which will allow you to offer online booking for your sessions 24 hours a day along with many other tools of success for your business.

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What can GigaBook offer my photography business to become more successful?

  • Use the email and text reminders for sessions to reduce no-shows
  • Collect deposits at time of booking online, which also reduce no-shows
  • Customize your emailable invoices for a more professional look
  • Collect all payments online for a quick and easy way for your clients to pay
  • Use your to-do list and reminder emails to keep up with daily tasks
  • Save your client information automatically from online bookings
  • Create promo codes and email promotions for new and past clients

GigaBook is the perfect online assistant for your photography business to stay efficient and organized. Try out a free trial today to see all the other tools GigaBook has to offer today!